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Automate your Business

Watch our introduction video
Watch our introduction video

Earn More. Work Less.

Stunning Website for your Brand.

Reduce Expenses and Risks.

Automate your Business.

Automated solutions

Reduce Risks

Save Time


We help Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Building your ambitious digital projects

Happy entrepreneur

Grow your Business

Simple, secure and scalable. 


Affordable, accessible and convenient.

Manage your Business remotely.

Manage your company remotely

Everything Connected. Nothing Lost

  • Stunning Website for your Brand

  • Professional Logo and favicon

  • Professional Search Engine Optimization

  • Grow a loyal community that loves your Brand

  • Live Chat integrated to your social media

  • Data Privacy Compliance Solution 

  • Comprehensive Policies Solution (terms, privacy, etc)

  • Accessibility WCAG 2.0 Compliance

  • Accept Online Payments, Credit Cards, Crypto, Cash, Monthly Installments

  • Automated Sales Tax

  • Team Collaboration from any device

  • Enterprise-grade Hosting and Security

  • Secure Business Email

  • Bookings

  • SMS Reminders

  • CRM, Leads, Sales Funnels

  • Web Alerts for your Brand

  • Automated PDFs

  • eSignature

  • Your business may become 100% Paperless

  • You may become a Company of One


"We were able to say good-bye to tedious manual work"

Thanks to a beautiful Website and over 5,000 lines of code, Wedyco automated over 90% of processes, saving thousands of dollars per month.

Raul Villalobos


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