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According to Amazon, for every 100 ms a page takes to load they lose 1% in sales and 53% of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load


* Includes:

✅ 1 time service, 10 pages, 1 website included

✅ Optimization of resources order

✅ Caching optimization

✅ Image, Video optimization and compression

✅ Layer load order optimization

✅ Page transitions optimization

✅ Third-party apps installed optimization

✅ Fonts optimization

✅ Javascript Optimization

✅ High and low priority resources segmentation

✅ Velo best practices for load time

✅ Mobile optimization


* Terms and conditions apply. Requires an active PremiumX, Business IQ+ or Clinic IQ+ subscription

Performance and Load Speed Optimization

PriceFrom $2,000.00
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