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Take your Wix subscription to the next level 🚀


  • Wix Partners
  • Velo certified
  • Accessibility certified 
  • Experts developing with Wix for 10+ years
  • Experts developing with Corvid and Velo 6+ years




✅ Business VIP Premium Plan - value of $64 USD per month

✅ Ascend Professional Plan - value of $24 USD per month

✅ 5 website changes per month

✅ Expert support and advice via Whatsapp Business during business hours

✅ Exclusive access to 30+ VIP services with 20% discount. For example:

  • Auto Attendant. Check it out now, call us at 720-722-2274
  • Your own Mobile App (iOS and Android)


* Only for customers that already own a Wix website. Terms and conditions apply. Custom Velo development is excluded

PremiumX Monthly Subscription

Price Options
$49.00every month for 12 months

¿How does the process work?


  1. Subscribe now
  2. Add us as site contributors
  3. Business VIP Premium and Ascend Professional Plans assigned to your website
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